• Gautam Bhatia is a architect, writer
    and artist.
  • A recipient of several awards
    for his buildings...
  • He has published books on
    architecture and satire...
  • His sculpture and drawings...
  • ...have been displayed in
    India and abroad

GAUTAM BHATIA - Delhi based architect, writer and artist

Gautam Bhatia’s formal training is of an architect and artist. Over the course of three decades of practice in Delhi, and early work experience on a variety of projects in the US, he is firmly established as one of the country’s foremost architects, building a range of residential, institutional, recreational, hospitality and heritage projects – including schools, housing, spas, and private homes. Among his better-known works are the Devigarh Palace Hotel, Indira Gandhi Childrens Retreat, Monolith Resort, and Kalmatia Sangam Spa, among others. Each project has been carefully assessed for its site condition, resolution of the terrain, availability of local materials and techniques. Within these constraints, the design is always done to create surprising panoramas and space variations, drawing the building into new and innovative possibilities.